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Digital technology has become close to us, familiar, and has turned current scenarios into new, unexpected ones. For example, it has created the possibility of gathering thousands of people at the same time, meeting them, informing them, communicating and dialoguing with them, and involving them. Virtually, but nonetheless in a real way.

Broadening of the audience, flexibility and implementation speed allow us to intensify dialogue, to create concrete, personal and immersive experiences, and to increase the participatory dimension.

SEC Newgate enables companies and institutions to discover this new world of possibilities through the Live eXperience communication platform, which is aimed at creating events capable of combining the physical and the virtual and other life-based experiences in the branding and storytelling field.

The Live Experience platform is not limited to enabling the live streaming of meetings or conferences; it represents an innovative space where you can express your identity and involve your stakeholders through a personalised interface and ad hoc content. The nature of the tool offers vast possibilities for experimenting with different formats and does not place constraints on the use of multimedia.

What is a Live eXperience?

It is an event that originates from the careful and complete planning of the experience, which aims to combine the rationality of the digital world with the spatial immersive quality of reality, to provide the user with immersive interaction models.

An effective life-based event is inspired by the knowledge of the digital world and television rules and dynamics. An extensive and multitasking use of technological devices, on-demand TV and social networks that are in fact revolutionising the paradigms of using online content by imposing models with a strong visual value and with increasingly lower attention spans. The creation of an online event must therefore take into account both this change in attention span and the type of content that is considered interesting; it must offer formats that are able to provide faster and more compressed interventions, overlapping content in order to propose a broad and continuous schedule at the same time.

Different needs, different formats


Evento singolo con pochi relatori
Single event with few speakers
Sequential contributions
Full direction
Moderated Q&A at the end of the event
Basic customization level


Full and, possibly, external direction
Event Web-system (registration and log-in, document download area, speakers’ bio)
Customization of the enabling platform front-end (background, image coordination of logo/colors/font), UX/UI websystem


‘Multiple’ event with ‘concurrent’ sessions and workshops
Full and, possibly, external direction, set in studios
1 to 1 session on reservation (B2B meet, “virtual tour”, “booth” sponsor)
Event Web-system (“forum like”)
Design and customization UX/UI “forum like space”


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