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Communicating is listeningknowing, dialoguingsharing.
And thinking.

A flowing and vital thought, but one that is anything but weak, for a liquid business. Just like water that flows, penetrates and promotes growth: this is what communication means for SEC Newgate.

You are what you
And viceversa.

At the heart of every organisation are its relations: collaborators, clients, supply chain, territory, institutions… Because these “others” are the targets of its actions and the custodians of its reputation.

Communicating is therefore listening, knowing, dialoguing, sharing and negotiating. SEC Newgate’s multidisciplinary nature and method enable it to keep pace with various relational needs, from the brand experience to the protection of the company’s reputation, as well as from business protection to social activism.

Our Method

Primum Vivere, deinde communicare. A motto that first and foremost applies to us. And one which is reflected in a recognised style and a method that evolves and elaborates in accordance with reality.


The responsibility of the company, as well as of each professional, towards clients, suppliers, the media and institutions. Professional ethics as well as personal ones, a passion for social values and solidarity. Call it social responsibility, if you will. The important thing is that it is not simply a box to tick.


We are able to empathise with the reasons and feelings of others, identifying ourselves with them (“Einfühlung”), so as to find the right key to open up or “tune” both public and institutional relations.

Sense of Context

Neither relations, nor content, is possible without context. Whether it is contingent or epochal, historical or media-related, political or cultural. Therefore, knowing how to read, interpret and, if possible, modify it is a key aspect of our way of perceiving consulting.


Distinctive note of unique and interesting content, it catches the attention of the audience. But it also offers stimuli and opportunities for meeting and dialogue with opinion leaders. Creativity feeds relationships.

to Change
and Innovation

We continue to invest on people, research and professional training, because, in the whirlwind of change, thinking skills ensure solidity and transformation. Here comes artificial intelligence then, which gives new tools of knowledge to both you and us.

is the Best Story

This is our way of storytelling: an authentic and meaningful story for the target audience, as it is based on data, facts, trends and insights. Stories in which people can also find their own.

Content Value

Or valuable content. Since communication thrives on meaningful, original, thoughtful and differentiated content. This is managed and valued on the various relational platforms, according to a precise transmedia strategy.


Vertical skills, territorial horizontality, multidisciplinary approach: in this way we provide our clients with maximum proximity and sharing as well as with optimal management of complex projects and situations.

Genius loci

Nationwide coverage

SEC Newgate operates in Italy with subsidiaries, offices and correspondents in 13 capital cities. This is because the local dimension is often also strategic for global organisations and in order to know how to interpret it, it is necessary to experience it from the inside.

Some figures for Italy

€15 million
of turnover

90% of renewals every year
an indication of our clients’ loyalty

120 professionals
in thirteen regions

9 years of our collaborators’ average
stay in the company

150 children born
in 30 years of history

Governance in Italy

Fiorenzo Tagliabue, CEO & founder
Paola Ambrosino, General Manager
Andrea Cornelli, Chief Innovation Officer
Anna Milito, Chief Financial Officer


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