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Primum vivere,
deinde communicare,
has been our motto for years.

Never before have we seen such an ability, as we have in this emergency, to react, be resilient and invent; it is almost as if it were an unstoppable lifeblood, giving new life to and reconstructing our social and economic fabric. In order to circulate this lifeblood, we wanted to create a space for the stories of organisations and companies that have focused on responding and living on, before doing anything else.

Business Stories

Never before as in an overwhelming emergency like the one we are currently experiencing, has the ability to react, be resilient and find solutions flowed with such surprising generosity from all sides, both in individuals and in profit and non-profit organisations.

An unstoppable lifeblood, one that is capable of enabling us to give life and energy to each other and which immediately produces, while we are still fighting the spread of the virus, a reconstruction of the economic-social fabric that the Covid-19 storm is challenging.

Primum vivere, deinde communicare has been our motto for years. That is why we have created a space on this website for the stories of companies, entities and institutions, which, above all, were concerned with ‘being there’, and specifically, living.

Today 4 tomorrow talks

Thinking about tomorrow is a sign of hope for the future and in this difficult period we feel a great need for it. However, we must start from today, from the reality that we are living in, a reality that is still marked by the shock of a lockdown, tragic events and by a future that is still uncertain and one that is not without obstacles. We are all wondering what awaits us and how our life will change after the coronavirus.

Based on this and many other questions, we wanted to create a space dedicated to listening to men and women involved in the various fields that make up our society: businesses, institutions, the media, the non-profit sector, services and culture. It is called Today for Tomorrow – Talks by SEC Newgate and it will host short video contributions that will be with us every day to inspire and help us – hopefully – when facing the challenges that await us.


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